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Based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme, Maze Rats by Questing Beast Games & Mork Borg by Ockult Örtmästare Games
A tabletop roleplaying game with bunnies. For a group of four or to solo on your own time.
Written By Yommumoi Cover by Yuri Runnel Licenced under CC By 4.0
created for Mock Cover Jam 2: Rituals & Folklore.


A once bountiful forest now turned arid. The Green Valley now slowly turns into a dustbowl with wicked things yet to be seen. Dark shadows creep in while great oak trees snarl and twist as their roots grow thirsty. Lumbering mountains blacken as the magic fades, and Eostre answers to no one. Having been tricked into a deal with Loki she has lost her powers, now scattered across the land in great Eggs of power. Her magic is bonded to them and must be set free if she ever stands a chance to restore the land to its former glory.

A group of adventurous Harelins, rabbit folk as called, must make this decision now as it would be the death of their villages if they do not undertake this task.  With their wits, sharp ears and tails on tight they march into a dreaded landscape to save their world, or else die trying to protect their loved ones.


Eostre's Curse.pdf 325 kB

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